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The Future of Windows

Some interesting thoughts on platforms in general and Windows in particular from some interesting thinkers

(July 13, 2004)

If you want to invest an hour or two and follow this thing all the way through, and you're interested in this sort of thing, I think you'll find it a pleasant hour or two to read all these, one after the other.

I'd be interested to hear if there are more simlarly enlightening and well-written links to insert into this thread. Let me know if you find any.


Ray Ozzie - 640KB ought to be enough for anyone

David Stutz - The Natural History of Software Platforms

David links to Butler Lampson's PowerPoint presentation on components and it is worth a digression later on, if you're into software architecture. If you don't have a PowerPoint viewer you can get one for Windows here or Mac - sorry, classic only - here; if you need one for Linux I'm sure you don't need me to help you find it. :-)

Ray Ozzie - untitled

Paul Graham - the other road ahead

Joel Spolsky - How Microsoft Lost the API War

Phil Wainewright - Avalon: Microsoft's microchannel

His much older XML is to Microsoft as PC was to IBM is also a good read.

Patrick Logan - Missing the Inflection Point

Wesner Moise - Missing the Inflection Point

Patrick Logan - Microsoft has chosen their own inflection point

James Robertson- Whither the Win API?

Robert McLaws - Seven Reasons Why the API War is Not Lost After All

Adventures in Home Working - Rich Versus Reach - my perspective


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