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Thoughts and Words

This is just somewhere for me to post things. It is not a blog. (really.)

Zeb's plan for the Z-Rocket, to enable manned interstellar exploration. (posted April 30, 2006)

The Future of Windows - Ok, maybe this one is a little bloggish. Some interesting thoughts on platforms in general and Windows in particular from some interesting thinkers. (posted July 14, 2004)

I could post a list of baby names I'm thinking about, but it'd just have Gwendolyn and Isaac on it. Melissa's list is much, much longer. (posted July 14, 2004)

Some baby names we're thinking about. (posted October 13, 2001)

Some links for playing Call of Cthulhu. (posted March 10, 2001)

Digital River's ecommerce operations suck in mindblowingly incompentent ways, in case you were wondering. I feel rather silly for going to all this length detailing it on the web as if it actually mattered, but doing so (and threatening to contact Washington's Attorney General -- and possible presidential aspirant -- Christine Gregoire) did at least get me my money back. And writing about it was more fun than just waiting on hold.... (updated February 17, 2001)

Resistance really wasn't futile - ICANN gets hauled before Congress, gets its chops busted, all because we made a stink about it, educated our representatives, and told them what was at stake. It's how democracy is supposed to work and its tremendously heartening to see it happen - and it happened because people who cared said something to those they put in power. (update posted February 16, 2001)

Technology doesn't work. This should surprise no one anymore. No whining! Get over it! (Don't worry, I explain how you can.) (posted February 10, 2001)

I get sick and tired of feeling like all I ever post about is politics and technology; I'm really not that one-dimensional. Honest. I'm just not likely to post anything about, for instance, guitar playing, as that's something I do purely for myself and I don't really have anything in particular to say to anyone about it. So, just to prove a point, here's a New Years Day 2001 letter to my friends and family. (posted January 25, 2001)

Sound and Fury started out as an email forwarding a useful URL about IIS security; it turned into something else entirely. (posted January 20, 2001)

I've added another page to the presidential election stuff and made it its own section. (posted August 15, 2000)

Want to read the only thing you'll need to read about this year's presidential election? Seriously, this is an excellent email about the current state of presidential politics and what to do about it. I can't encourage you enough to read it and think about it. (posted August 4, 2000)

I have some thoughts on netizenship, apathy, ICANN, and you; I think resistance is NOT futile. I also sent an open letter to ICANN; maybe it's another tiny blow against the empire. (posted July 30, 2000)

Melissa wrote a summary of a Family Support conference she attended in Chicago in April. (posted May 16, 2000)

I'm posting some info about building a PC. (posted May 14, 2000) This is now on hold, as the people I was putting this info together for went with other solutions. I'll keep it around for historical interest... and because "bits are cheap"

And lately Microsoft has just been completely freaking out. (posted May 13, 2000)

I don't get much spam, and if someone starts sending me spam, I can make it all vanish instantly. Want to know how I deal with spam? (posted April 8, 2000. updated April 12, 2000)

A long time ago, I wrote a generic email response to virus warnings because I was tired of seeing the same old virus hoaxes and spurious, frantic warnings over and over again. (Updated July 30) I'm afraid that thanks to Microsoft, GoodTimes is now a real possibility--if you use Microsoft's operating system, web browser, and email program, an emailed virus can infect your system without you even reading the email message, much less opening an attachment. Read on....

That's it. What do you think? Let me know; send me email at! - online since April 1999

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