Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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University of Southern California (private)

Identity: Provide value-driven and empirically based practice and policy leadership: 1) to prevent and mitigate severe social problems which challenge the viability of culturally diverse and complex urban settings; 2) to build on the strengths of individuals, families, and communities; and 3) to lead the scholarly search for innovative, efficacious and just solutions. We intend to prepare social workers for leadership in professional, local, national, and international domains. A stellar faculty who are nationally recognized and accessible to students; well respected and exceptionally loyal networks of alumni and community supporters; nationwide recognition for innovation in child and family programs; long-standing reputation for excellence in mental health training and research; stimulating location in the nation’s most culturally and ethnically diverse region. Curriculum is based on the "systems perspective."

Hours: 56 units, semester, 3 hour courses.

Pre Reqs: BA or BS. Liberal arts background spanning both social & biological sciences.

Program Structure: Two-years: full-time attendance for entire duration. Three-years: two part-time years and one full-time year. Four-years: part-time attendance for entire duration.

Foundation: Prior to the start of the program students attend a week long Skills Building Lab, which provides them with technical skills to succeed in the program. Foundations courses include: Human Behavior and the Social Environment I and II; Social Work Practice I and II; Social Welfare I and II; Social Work Research; Field Practicum I. Students participate in field seminars as part of practicum.

Concentrations: Five concentrations: Community Organization, Planning & Administration (COPA); Families and Children; Health Services; Industrial Social Work; and Mental Health. Sub-Concentrations: Public Child Welfare; Social Work Practice in School Settings; Social Work Practice with Older Adults; and Social Work Practice with Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill. All sub-concentrations require enrollment in an integrative seminar and a designated course.

Practicum: 4 semesters; 16 hours per week first year; 20 hours per week second year. 1050 hours total.


Dual Degrees: MAJCS; JD; MSG; MPA or MPl.

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