Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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University of Michigan (public)

Identity: Focus on multiculturalism, social justice, practice, and use of social/behavioral science.

Hours: 60; Semester system; 3 credit courses.

Pre Reqs: Baccalaureate with at least 20 credits in the social or behavioral sciences.

Program Structures: Full time: 16 consecutive months (Fall-Fall), or 20 months (Fall-Spring over two consecutive academic years); Fifth Term: five semesters, slightly reduced load of coursework; Extended: 4 years, 30 months of part time before beginning 30 months full time; Advanced Standing: 44 credits taken Fall-Summer.

Foundations Requirements: Human differences, social relationships, well-being and change through the life course; Org, community and societal structures and processes; Field Seminar; Foundations Skills for Practice; Basic SW Research; Intro to Policy and Services.

Concentrations: Students choose a dual concentration in Practice Method (3 courses) and Practice Area (4 courses). Methods include: Interpersonal Practice, C.O., Management, Policy and Evaluation. Areas include: Elderly, CYF, Community, Health, and Mental Health. All students are allowed 2-3 electives. One course must be "minority relevant" and have over 50% of the content focused on minority issues.

Practicum: 16 hours per week. In 16 month and advanced standing program, only one practicum is completed. In 20 month program, 2 practica are allowed.

Electives: 2-3, may be taken out of SSW.

Specializations: Certificate programs: Aging, Jewish Communal Service and Judaic Studies. Specializations: Social Work in the Workplace; CIVITAS Child & Family Programs; Project StaR (Service, Training, and Research in Jewish Communal Development).

Dual Degree options: MBA, JD, MPH, MPP, MUP

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