Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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University of California Berkeley

Identity: critical inquiry and use of tested knowledge, work with diverse populations, preparation for leadership and advanced practice

Hours: 29 units of class, 19 units (142 days) of field work. Two units of credit = 2 hours per week in class. Courses are 2 and 3 units. Semester system.

Pre Reqs
: BA or BS; 24 units in liberal arts, 24 units in social or behavioral science, statistics or research methods class.

Program Structures: Two year full-time.

Foundations Requirements: A one year social work methods sequence stressing the full range of core methodologies (work with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations). Human diversity, social policy, human behavior and the social environment, and social research. In addition, a second human behavior and the social environment course corresponding to the student's concentration practice area must be taken. All students must also complete a year long research seminar.

Concentrations: Direct Practice in Children and Family Services; Direct Practice in Community Mental Health; Direct Practice in Health Services; Direct Practice in Gerontology; and Management and Planning.

Practicum: 2 days per week in first year (begins mid October, following a required weekly preparation seminar), 3 days per week in second year. Summer block available in some circumstances.


Specializations: School Social Work

Dual Degree options: Public Health, Law, International and Area Studies

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