Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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George Warren Brown, Washington University
in St. Louis (private)

Identity: Research focus, international focus, resources of school, career placement, expansiveness of curricula

Hours: 60, 3 credit courses, semester system.

Pre Reqs: Bachelors degree, B average, human biology class, college statistics course.

Program Structures: Full time (2 years); Part time (up to 4 years, with a recommended structure available); Advanced Standing; Evening and weekend classes offered.

Foundations Requirements: 25 hours. Courses include: Foundations of Practice 1 & 2; HBSE; Social, Political, and Economic Environment (HBSE 2); Analysis of Practice; Human Diversity; Social Welfare Policy; Practicum.

Concentrations: 23 hours. Children, Youth, and Family; Gerontology; Health; Mental Health; Social and Economic Development; and Individualized Concentration. Requires social policy class; Theory, Problems and Issues; Methods Courses (6-9 hours); Research class; practicum.

Practicum: 1000 hours split over the foundation and concentration. Can be taken concurrently with classes or as a "block practicum" during summer or another semester. Students can select field experiences from local, national and international options.

Electives: 12 hours, can be used for specialization.

Specializations: Family Therapy, Research, Management.

Dual Degree options: Law, Business, Architecture, and Jewish Communal Studies.

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