Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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Fordham University (private)

Identity: The mission of the Graduate School of Social Service is to prepare advanced social work practitioners who are committed to the profession's goals, values and ethical standards; are able to provide quality services that promote the well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities; can effectively reach and serve the most vulnerable populations, particularly in our metropolitan region; and are committed to working toward a just, equitable, and caring society, free from violence, oppression and discrimination.

Hours: 66 hours, semesters, 3 credit courses. Students can start either Fall or Spring semester.

Pre Reqs: BA with liberal arts content.

Program Structure: Full time (2 year); PT (3 and 4 year programs); Advanced Standing.

Foundation: Generalist Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities; Social Welfare Policy and Services; Human Behavior and the Social Environment I & II; Generalist Social Work Practice With Individuals, Families and Groups I & II; Social Work Practice in Research I & II; and field work.

Concentration: There are three advanced concentrations: Clinical, Administration, and Research. Clinical requires: Clinical Social Work Practice I & II; Seminar in Clinical Social Work Practice; and Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis. Administration requires: Administration I & II; and Practice with Task Groups. Research requires: Introduction to Statistics; Advanced Research Design; and Advanced Research Analysis. Specializations are also possible: Children and Families, Substance Abuse, and Managed Care.

Practicum: 4 semesters. Students may elect to take field instruction for 21 hours a week from September to May or 14 hours a week from September to July. The decision is based on the student's preference. Both require 600 hours in placement and carry the same number of credits, nine each year. They also have to attend an integrative field seminar which meets 10 times per year for 2 hours per meeting.

Electives: To complete the required 66 credit hours, students select elective courses that match their interests. Students wishing to build skills in an area outside their concentration may choose to take electives from either or both of the other concentration areas. Electives may also be taken from among the courses listed under Transverse Curriculum. The content of these courses cross concentrations.

Specializations: Certificates in Family Therapy or Psychotherapy with the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute.

Dual Degrees: M.Div; Law.

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