Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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Columbia University (Private)

Identity: scientifically based practice, diversity, expansive choices in curriculum, promoting social and economic justice

Hours: 60, 3 credit courses, semester system.

Previous Requirements: BA or BS, with 60 hours in Liberal Arts, and at least 20 in behavioral or social science.

Program Structures: Two year: Fall-Spring semesters. Advanced standing: Fall-Summer. Reduced Residency: For full time social service employees only. Work part and full time for between five terms and four years, at least two classes per term. Extended: Flexible part and full time over three to four years.

Foundations Requirements: 5 sequential practice courses (3 in the first year); social work research; human behavior & the social environment; social welfare policy

Concentrations: Both a method and practice field are chosen. Methods: Advanced clinical practice; advanced generalist practice and programming; policy practice; social administration; social research. Practice Field: Aging; contemporary social problems; Family, youth and children services; health, mental health and disabilities; international social welfare and services to immigrants & refugees; school-based & school-linked services; world of work. Each method & practice field option has required courses.

Practicum: 21 hours per week for all 4 semesters (full-time program); 2 placements over 2 years (full-time program).

Electives: 9 credits; used to complete chosen practice method areas.

Minor options: Business Administration, International Social Welfare, Law, Public Policy/Administration.

Dual Degree options: MBA, MPH, Jewish Studies, Law, Divinity, Urban Planning, Public Policy & Administration, Special Education.

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