Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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SSA University of Chicago (private)

Identity: Social service administration; social change; emphasis on social research. Curriculum is focused around a "sophisticated understanding of the person in environment perspective and a challenge for students to develop a critical perspective on their own work through an awareness of 'service-in-society' ".

Hours: 6 quarters in residence, quarter system.

Pre Reqs: Liberal arts degree background, statistics course strongly recommended.

Program Structure: 2 year Full Time and an Extended Evening Program (A three year, evening program).

Foundation: Two quarters on policies and programs; two quarters on direct practice; one quarter on research; one quarter on HBSE. There is also a Human Diversity requirement which can be taken from a range of course offerings. Concentrations begin Spring quarter of first year.

Concentrations: Two concentrations exist--Clinical Practice and Social Administration. Clinical Practice can be focused on a practice area or target population (e.g. health and mental health or services to children and families). Clinical Practice students take a two quarter course in one practice method and one other course in a different practice method. They also take advanced clinical research and an advanced HBSE class (usually psychopathology or diagnosis), and a one credit field case seminar. Social Administration students focus on Community Org and Development; Management; or Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation. Required classes include: Economics for Social Welfare, Social Administration Seminar, Social Administration Independent Study, Political Processes in Policy Formulation and Implementation, and Data for Policy Analysis.

Practicum: Fieldwork placements in first year are continuous for 3 quarters. 22 hours per week all through concentration year, concurrent with an integrative clinical case seminar. "All students in field placements participate in seminars or the development of a paper to integrate their practical experiences with the theories informing social work."

Electives: Electives available in areas of special interest; concentration electives taken in Spring quarter of first year; cross-over courses which may be of interest to both Clinical Practice and Social Administration students.

Specializations: Family Support; School Social Work.

Dual Degrees: MBA, MDIV.

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