Summary of social work graduate programs prepared by Melissa C.F. Becker, MSW, September 2000
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Case Western Reserve University (private)

Identity: MSASS remains dedicated to understanding problems in order to solve problems, and firmly committed to developing leadership in advocacy, enhancing practice, and promoting community self help.

Hours: 60, semester, 3 credit courses.

Pre Reqs: BA or BS, sufficient course work in the social or behavioral sciences.

Program Structure: Full-time: a two-year program. Two days of classes and three days of fieldwork each week. Part-time: up to a four-year program with flexible weekday scheduling. Intensive: a nine-semester (three-year), weekend program for people working full-time as social workers or in a related field. Advanced Standing: a special twelve-month program for students already holding a BSW.

Foundation: 25 hours. Social Policy; Introduction to Social Research; Social Work Methods; Human Development Over the Life Span; Diversity, Discrimination, and Oppression; Field Education Seminar; Field Education I & II; Theories of Groups, Organizations, and Communities.

Concentration: 35 hours. Five Direct Practice Concentrations: Aging; Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse; Children, Youth and Families; Health; Mental Health. Two macro concentrations: Management and Community Development. Required for all concentrations: Sociobehavioral Theory; Advanced Research; Advanced Policy; Advanced Methods - 2 courses required; Free Electives - 4 courses required; Field Education III & IV.

Practicum: 20-24 hours, 3 days/week.

Electives: 12 hours.

Specializations: Emphases in school social work and international social work.

Dual Degrees: Law, non-profit management, business, social welfare (Ph.D.).

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