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Hugo and Phineas curled up together on the couch. They do this frequently.

Here they are at PAWS, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society where we adopted them from. At the time, they were going by the monikers "Zak" and "Zeke", but no one knows what their original names are. Why? Because they were just dropped off on the front step together; their owner didn't even come in.

When we went to the shelter, a staffer was sitting on the floor next to them, nearly in tears, because someone had come in earlier that morning and decided to adopt Hugo but not Phineas. Even though they'd only been at the shelter for a few days, everyone could see how attatched to each other they were. Mel was reduced to snuffles, and we went outside to take an emotional break. When the PAWS volunteers heard that we were looking for a pair, they got very excited and called the original potential adopter, whose heart was melted by the thought of keeping them together. And that's how we ended up with these two guys. This picture was taken just before we took them home; the little yellow sign in the upper left reads "We have been adopted!"

In case you were wondering, the black and white one is Hugo. He's named after the annual science-fiction award for best book of the year. Here he is in the mandatory "cat in a paper bag" pose. (If you want to buy some of the best sci-fi ever written, Amazon.com has a list of all the Hugo winners.)

And here's Phineas, the smaller of the two brothers. He's named after a character from the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles, which is a favorite of Mel's. According to the publisher, "Phineas was a handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete." You can see from this picture that's true of the cat Phineas as well.

In case you haven't read A Separate Peace, we've helpfully linked to this charming 7th grade book review, written by Danielle Korman of Van Antwerp Middle School, in Niskayuna, NY. For further commentary, you can read this student essay.

Our vet is pretty positive Phineas and Hugo are from the same litter. Part Maine Coon, he says, which explains the fuzzy tails and the tufts of hair coming out of their ears. Since they're close to a year old, we don't have any kitten pictures, but you can look here to see other Maine Coon kittens as they appear when raised by hippy-cat-breeders in Maine.

This page last modified on June 7, 1998