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Yeah, we put our pictures on the web. No, we're not that vain; if you don't know us these photos are probably of no interest to you. But if you're one of our family or friends who live in far-flung places, you might want to leaf through our on-line photo album.

  All 2006 photos
  All 2005 photos
  All 2004 photos
First pictures of Isaac Elliott. New: more Isaac & family pictures (posted August 1).
  Pictures of Zeb in 2003
Here's where the pictures of Zebediah in 2002 can be found.
We had a baby at 2:11pm on 11/02/2001! All the pregnancy and newborn photos are here.
Kim and Corey got married on Earth Day 2001. Wedding photos!
We went to the Bahamas in February 2001 with Deb and the Scotts (Lynn, John, Teddy, and A.J.) Pictures of people, Nassau, the oh-so-posh resort, and the simulated excavation of a fake underwater ruin. Aesthetic disclaimer: I'm not that happy with the quality of these pictures. Hmmm. I think I was too sloppy and also forced things too much.

For New Years 2001 we went up to the Bouten cabin outside Rice Lake, Wisconsin with Steve, Barb, and Kimmy. It was incredibly serene and beautiful. We have cabin pictures, people pictures, and scenery pictures.

I suggest listening to this song (a 3.7mb MP3 file) while you're looking at these pictures if you want to understand the feeling. (And if you like the song--Farewell by John Doan--check out the CD it's from--it's really good!)


We spent Christmas 2000 in Rochester MN - we stayed at Kim and Corey's and had Christmas dinner at Steve & Barb's.

Sometime around October 2000, we got a new mailbox--it turned into a little arts & crafts project and reminded us it's fun to fix up our house a little. (Posted January 2001)


Finally got around to posting pictures of Fremont's summer solstice festival and Melissa's graduation from the UW SSW. (Posted September 24, 2000)

We went to Bumbershoot with Sascha over Labor Day weekend this year. Bumbershoot is a pretty cool end-of-summer last hurrah music/festival that's been going on for 30 years in Seattle. You should come next year! (Added September 19, 2000.)




A few more photos (posted May 26, 2000). Jill and Grace's house, the Bowdoin back yard in spring, and cats on a pizza (box).

New photos! (Posted May 6, 2000) This batch covers from August 1999 to October 1999 and has a trip to Chateau Ste. Michelle for a private tasting, among other things.

This batch (taken between October 1999 and March 2000) include some of Grace & Jill, and us lounging around in front of the fireplace, visiting Connecticut, and other random stuff.

After long demand, we finally posted more pictures of our new house.We took a few the day we moved in. (Added August 1, 1999)

We also have a bunch of photos we took during the inspection; keep in mind we didn't own the place yet, so any furnishings you see are not ours. So far, I've only scanned pictures of the outside of the house (Added August 1, 1999)

Take a look at some of the first pictures we posted on this website. (Added April 14, 1999)

Our old website, which had the following photo series, is not around anymore, but I finally transferred the photos to our new site, so enjoy (resurrected May 6, 2000)

Meet our cats, Hugo and Phineas!

See how happy Melissa was when she got into the University of Washington's School of Social Work!

And if you don't mind it being rather corny, you can look at some pictures we took of driving around in Pioneer Square, mad with the power of having (ok, borrowing) a decent digital camera back in '98.

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