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The first two houses we looked at

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(This is from an email Dan wrote on Saturday, April 24, 1999.)

Good morning!

Melissa's still working on waking up--we stayed up late reading last night. I'm going through some of the listings Mike (our agent) emailed us yesterday. We're still in the "dipping toes in" stage, since we'd prefer to buy & move after Mel's quarter ends in early June.

About two weeks ago, we had our first showing. Here's the place (on 24th, a block or two from Yesler):

24th Ave porch

It was at the very high end of our price range, and we decided against it because it had a few things we didn't like--an emphasis on large spaces at the expense of how the spaces related to each other. Also, it was fairly modern construction, with emphasis on skin & surface over structure. Still, we liked the front porch and the big tree overhanging the back yard quite a bit, and the neighborhood had lots of kids playing in front yards. It's located about a mile away from where we're living now, which is another plus; we like this part of Seattle a LOT.

The second house we called to set up a visit for was already sold, so we won't tease you with a picture. Well, that, and the fact that we don't have a picture. But it was located on top of Beacon Hill, and had a spectacular view. Nice medium brick house; we hear it had a deck in back with an even better view than from the front yard, but we never got to see that. It's probably for the best, since we hadn't really been planning on Beacon Hill (which is just SE of downtown, but on the other side of I90 and I5 from downtown, compared to Capitol Hill where we live now which is just E of downtown and only across I5). The neighborhood it was in was pretty much entirely residential, and there wasn't anything but houses within close walking distance. I mean, what if I'm out of coffee some morning? What's the point of living in Seattle if you can't walk to a coffeehouse?

I suppose I should tell you about the first house we almost had a showing of. It's on Cherry, just off 14th, across the street from Seattle University's gym. Cherry's a pretty busy street, and I couldn't handle the noise after 5 minutes, so I put the old husbandly foot down. Also, the yard (back and front) had no grass - it was entirely landscaped rock. The back yard had a nice pool or fountain or something, but - it was all rocks! If I was a lizard, maybe I'd feel differently, but I want dirt in my yard.

One thing you can't see in this photo is that the little window above the bay window is stained glass of a rainbow flag. We liked that. But the interior was wall-to-wall bad carpet, and the interior of the place looked like it had heavy applications of vinyl floors and sheetrock. Ok, call us snobs, our feelings won't be hurt. Mainly, it was the traffic and the yard that drove us off.

That's about it on the story for right now; I'm going to go figure out where all these houses are and we'll decide which we want to drive by. We might go out this afternoon - it looks like a beautiful seattle spring day; around 70, sunny, nice breeze; the kind of weather that makes cats bliss out on the windowsill. (We need to get windowsills! Our cats have to suffer with sitting on the couch next to the windows...poor deprived felines.)

Have a good weekend!

-Dan (and Melissa, who's gotten up and is now reading the comics)

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